That works!

Certified to DIN EN ISO 13485 standards!

In many areas, thanks to a process of systematic progress, quality has risen immensely, and this is also true of the surgical instrument sector. On the one hand. On the other hand, frequent complaints are heard about quality defects, and disposable products are flooding the medical technology market. How good it is that you can depend upon uniformly perfect quality from Sprenger. Now also certified to DIN EN ISO 13485 standards!

Sprenger does things differently. If anyone asks Sprenger what superlative medical technology instruments must be able to do, people shake their heads: Naturally, they have to be perfect, and must function reliably. After all, that is the only way that doctors or surgeons can concentrate fully on their patients. The instrument in his hand is the means to an end.

This is the quality promise from Sprenger: We supply impeccable instruments that function perfectly. And we implement new ideas and notions in such instruments all the time. This promise of quality is also a personal commitment for all of our employees, and their individual steps at work are accompanied throughout by a fully comprehensive quality assurance process.

Since December 2016, Sprenger has been certified to DIN EN ISO 13485 standards. The primary aims of going through this certification process were to systematize processes and to optimize in-house quality. Now we are all delighted that certification has been granted, which enables us to provide customers with the additional quality emblem that they wish for.