Against the flow

High-quality surgical and anatomical pincettes

High-quality surgical and anatomical pincettes are Sprenger’s core product. The company has developed a canon of values around this core product that perfectly matches the needs of even the most demanding of customers. This strong focus on values is what enables Sprenger customers to position themselves at the pinnacle of international competition.


Value leads.

It does not follow. In dialog with committed dealers and interested surgeons, we manufacture superlative instruments. With these instruments, our customers are able to set standards within their respective sectors.

Value possesses an unmistakable biography.

Every single instrument that leaves our production facility consists of high-quality materials, all with transparent origins. During the production of each instrument, it is subjected to the most meticulous of quality checks to the highest possible standards and these can be tracked back – traced – at any time.



Value does not think in calendar quarters.

It thinks in generations. As an owner-managed business, Sprenger Chirurgietechnik is not guided by short-term profit but instead by sustained enhancement to customer benefits. As a consequence, our instruments not infrequently last for several generations of user.

It is worth getting valuable things repaired.

It is a characteristic hallmark of our disposable society that the costs of a repair tend to exceed the value of the object. However, it makes sound financial sense to repair our high-value instruments. Once it reaches the point where this no longer makes sense, we recycle each instrument completely into the material cycle.



Value is not a luxury. It is a deep-felt longing.

In the hands of outstanding surgeons, first-class instruments reveal their true value. Our customers and users appreciate our perfectly functioning instruments because, on a day-by-day basis, they document their own great expertise with them.

Value begins with product development.

Rising requirements set the benchmark for the functional capability of surgical instruments ever higher. The defining feature of instruments from Sprenger are tested materials, documented production processes and the traceability of every single instrument..