Surgical instruments for cardiac surgery

A heartfelt matter

Heart operations feature on the agenda in specialist clinics, but they most certainly never constitute routine matters. However, routine is precisely what plays a decisive role in the manufacture of heart pincettes, and that assures the quality of every single instrument.

With pincettes for heart surgery, the quality of each individual instrument is determined entirely by the milling process. To put it even more precisely, the art is to clamp, grip and manufacture these instruments in a reproducible manner.

The central challenge in the manufacture of a heart pincette lies in its reproducibility, especially in respect of its tooth geometry. The surgeon can only obtain a good firm grip of blood vessels if the ultra-fine teeth of the gripper section mesh with micrometric precision. Moreover, since many of the structures involved in heart operations are sensitive and highly vulnerable, the tip of the instrument must be perfectly machined, and needs to be completely free of burrs or sharp edges.

Our product range:

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