The magic formula

Development of surgical instruments

Anyone who views innovation as a cultural process rather than a technical one would be astonished to find that new things are not usually the outcome of discovery or experimentation. Instead, they arise in response to new ways of asking the same questions, and a change of perspective: What would really excite my imagination me if I were standing in the shoes of my customer?

A glance at the development medical technology shows that the classic understanding of medical innovations is founded upon basic scientific research. The outcomes of this take the form of new materials, new technological processes and in medical applications, and these are commercialized through patents. A vast array of marketable products arise from this development process, which is usually very resource-intensive. However, this model also frequently produces things that the market fails to take note of.

Here at Sprenger, we do not view the world of surgical technology in the same way as experts in this field. Instead, we view it from the perspective of our customers. In conversation with our customers and users, the New comes about primarily through reconstruction, improvements, fine-tuning and a gradual process of changes. Innovations arise in response to a process of questioning and focusing down on the answers. Innovations that make our instruments better and that make our customers and users more successful.

Sprenger is not about men in white coats feverishly working away on the next breakthrough in their laboratories. Instead, we are the seekers, the people who have their sensors tuned to Receive. Those who work with us can be confident that innovations will arise from the exchange of ideas and from the mutual enrichment that results from that.