A matter of honor


Most instruments in surgery technology have a very long life cycle. However, while this may delight clinics and surgeons, it can become a bottleneck situation for dealers and retailers. After all, it is not going to prove easy to sell other products to anyone who keeps instruments for many years. This is why a growing number of retailers are looking for what are known as ‘customized products’, i.e. products that are specifically developed and produced to the specific needs of individual customers. At Sprenger, we are on the same hymn sheet.

All the way from the new design of a tried and tested instrument, to an ergonomically improved handle or modifications to the jaw tip, to opening up a new field of application. The field for innovations in medical technology is vast if you take a close look at customer benefits. Titanium is a material that is playing an increasingly important role in this field. That is because it offers the sought after potential for differentiation. A growing number of dealers and retailers looking for production partners for their new developments are now turning to Sprenger. Why? Because Sprenger has an impressive command of both: Titanium as a material and the development process. Starting from the feasibility check to design development, individual component manufacture and the sample phase right up to volume production readiness. It is true that Sprenger does not itself engage in research. However, our company is proving itself to be a flexible, competent and highly-capable partner for dealers and retailers who bring an idea from the market to our attention. For development and of course for the production of small and medium batch sizes. Do you have an idea?