Microsurgical instruments

Great love for the tiniest of diameters

In microsurgery, both factors are involved: Precision and surface properties. The vascular pincette exemplifies the great challenge for this instrument. Whenever a vein is widened with the tip of a pincette, the instrument diameter must be extremely small and the tip itself needs to be absolutely free of burrs and must not have any sharp edges.
The diameter of the tip on a microsurgery pincette of this kind is down in the sub-millimetric range. Furthermore, the tips are rounded, polished to a high sheen, and they possess perfect surface characteristics. Perfectly crafted Sprenger pincettes of this kind can be found all around the world in the best clinics for hand surgery, plastic surgery or vascular surgery.

Micro forceps:

  • Adson
  • Callison
  • Dardenne
  • Gerald
  • Jones
  • Korea
  • Maskin
  • Micro 2000
  • O’Gawa
  • Pierse / Pierce
  • Stevens
  • Tübingen