The successor.

An entrepreneur is a man who undertakes something. The core of his being is informed by creative realization, initiative, courage and imagination. Christian Sprenger chose this path for himself. Not because his father was an entrepreneur, but despite the fact.

For a long time, Christian Sprenger, born in 1979, had nothing whatsoever to do with surgical mechanics. After graduating from high school, he studied mechanical engineering on a combined academic/practical course - 'dual study' in Germany - completing a traineeship as an industrial mechanic alongside his degree studies. After that, he worked for 10 years as a salaried member of the development staff in a German SME. He drew his salary, he went on vacation and had no need to worry about his future. Then, one day, it became clear to him: “I want something different. I want to be independent”.

His father had never asked him if he would like to join his parent's company. “It was entirely my own decision”. In 2014, he took a step into a less certain future. Which landed him squarely in a sector that appeared to have more past than future. To shape his own future as well as that of the Sprenger workforce. This graduate engineer has not regretted this step - indeed, quite the reverse is true. “For me, the most important thing is to pursue my own objective in life. I believe that is only possible as an entrepreneur”.