Let's see what happens.

Can the future be predicted? This question is as old as humankind, and will probably never be answered in a conclusive manner. To some extent, the future reveals itself when a light is cast on the past: What was important then, and what defined the present day? From this, it is usually possible at least to discern a direction for the future.

A look back at the past of Sprenger shows that this family business, founded back in 1979, has concentrated on the development and production of high-quality pincettes right from Day One. That is because pincettes call for precision, the skills of a master craftsman and a great deal of love.

Since that time, Sprenger has been dedicated to producing the best, indeed the finest, of instruments. Surgical technology - for Sprenger this means the provision of superlatively good instruments that give surgeons precisely the support they need to do their job.

It is clear that the future has new challenges in store. New materials and production methods need to be developed and perfected for surgical applications. New technologies need to be researched and must meet ever more stringent quality requirements.

Hippocrates once said that “Healing is a question of time, and sometimes a question of possibilities”. At Sprenger, everything is done to expand the scope of what is practically possible.