Here, everything revolves around the tip!

In the world of medical progress, quality is becoming ever more important. However, how can quantifiable, dependable and excellent quality succeed at a time when everything appears to revolve around the question of price? At Sprenger, we can look back over 40 years of experience in surgical technology. During this time, this company has grown continuously, and 99% of our customers have remained loyal to us. Can there be any better proof of quality?


It is thanks to our great wealth of knowledge and experience that a few of the most remarkable instruments in the field of surgical technology are now offered on the market at this time: Instruments for eye surgery, microsurgery, heart surgery, plastic surgery  and in the field of titanium instruments.

At Sprenger, since we are convinced that the best solutions, and this includes into the future, only arise where the radar screen is switched to Receive, and where you can look beyond the confines of the sector, father and son work closely with experts, users and with the worlds of research and science.


If so, we look forward to talking to you.